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Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Here I share my thesis..... it all about encouraging community engagement with school institution toward better societies.

It is common assumption in Malaysia where school is a forbidden place for public including parents. The instruction signage where the school is restricted area clearly states at the front of school gate.
Segregating and isolating the school institution easily solves the safety issue but it didn’t encourage public to come and share their knowledge. As a result, school becomes less vibrant to attract inhabitant nearby to come and be a part of school community.
Connecting school with local community will face safety issue but according Fatt Hee, (2004) the school has limited ability to solve it without family and local community support. Fatt Hee, (2004) states that the family should actively participate in school and community activities while local community should narrow the gap between the younger and older generations.
This thesis is seeks a model for primary school where it connect with community sharing facilities and secondary school besides having teachers’ housing accordance to the complex demands of 21st century learning environment as well as a place where local community can be strengthen to answer the current school issue that the school proudly standing isolated but functionally useless after school hours.

Therefore, an appropriate architecture that transcends direct functionality strengthens the position of education and makes it even more visible in encouraging active participation of local community. Hopefully, it  could help to provide a better learning environment for the students besides improving safety in school.

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